Gopal Singh Rathore

Genre : Music composer & Singer

A Pioneer and Pillar of “Rathore Gharana” of Jaipur , Gopal Singh Jee is a Renowned Ghazal and Bhajan singer often popularly called as “Bhajan Samrat”of Rajasthan. With more than 50 years of Classical Singing experience his vocal chords create magic for the audience. He is an excellent Tabla Player, having learnt Tabla from his Guru Ustaad Hidayat Khan Ji.

With the blessings of God, Shri Gopal Singh Rathore inherited the divine gift of music from his parents. His father Late Shri Hanuman Singh Rathore was a renowned and experienced music teacher who was an eminent personality in the field of music in Rajasthan and was well-respected all across India. His mother Shrimati Shanti Devi was also a reputed singer. Owing to these familial values, Shri Gopal Singh Rathore developed a deep interest in music. Since childhood he has been actively participating in music events and has won laurels in many school and college level music competitions. He received his training in music from various respectable teachers as well as from his own father.

Along with his passion for music, he also harbored the dream of selflessly serving the country as a CID police officer. He first joined the crime branch of the police department and from 1976 till the present time, he has been serving the police department and the country. He kept alive his passion for music and gave training in music to all three of his children and ultimately served as an inspiration for his children to establish Woodnote Production.


Dr. Pooja Rathore

Founder & CEO
Genre: Celebrity Singer of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Voice of Rajasthan and Waar Parivaar

She is Doctorate in Music and a renowned singer of Rajasthan. Her versatility of singing ranges from Classical to Light Music. Her Bollywood Songs , Ghazals as well as Bhajans are highly appreciated among the audiences.

Her mellifluous and mesmerizing voice has won her numerous awards on Television as well as in various singing competitions across India. Pooja Rathore is highly sought after and applauded for her singing performances in Major Events , Musical Nights for Bollywood Songs and Ghazals.

With the blessings of the almighty, she has inherited the divine gift of music from her parents. Since her father Mr. Gopal Singh Rathore is a reputed music composer and singer at Aakashvani and a well-renowned artist in Rajasthan, she received her training in music from him at the tender age of four. Her first music performance was in 1984 at the young age of five in Sur Sangam music competition held at Ravindra Manch. She has got the several golden opportunities to perform along with musical stalwarts like music composer Shri Jaidev ji and Shri Ravi ji. She has also performed along with famous Bollywood and Ghazal singer Pinaz Masani, Shrimati Chhaya Ganguly to name a few. With the encouragement of these musical legends, she was inspired to pursue her passion in music. She continued pursuing her training in music under the guidance of her father and teachers.

Mahi Rathore

Director - Production
Genre : Music Composer/Singer/Actor

Mahi Rathore is a well acclaimed Singer cum Music Composer who has made a mark in Television as well in Movie/Film Industry. Mahi Rathore been on stage as an Indi-pop performer since past 10 years With his band named “ Woodnote” Mahi was born in Jaipur Rajasthan where he started his musical journey at a very young age.

His passion and love for singing took him from Jaipur to Mumbai where he started with the reality show on Star Plus, The Voice of India Season 2, which is one of the most popular Music reality show on Indian television. He was also a part of Waar Parivar (Based on Musical Gharana) on Sony Entertainment with his father Shri Gopal Singh Rathore and sister Pooja Rathore. Subsequently, following his inevitable and undeniable love for singing he established himself as a young, vibrant, committed and sincere playback singer for Bollywood. He has done playback for movies like Rajasthani Movie Bhavari for which he was awarded as Best Playback Singer by Rajasthani Movie Association. A groove Rajasthani folk song ( kalyo kud padyo re ) sung by him in paddy fields.

Besides his excellent proficiency in Singing due to Classical background, Mahi is a Fine Guitarist.


Nikky Rathore

Manager - Creatives
Graphic Designer

Nikky is a Graphic Designer and an excellent content writer. She manages all social media posts and pages for Woodnote Production.


Sarita Rana

Manager - Music Academy
Genere: Singer

She is an excellent singer who is full of enthusiasm and hardworking. She has a spark to achieve something in her carrier she is MA in Vocal music from University of Rajasthan.