“Woodnote” means a natural musical tone like that of a forest bird.
Thus “Woodnote Production” , a registered firm in 2017, was conceived to be developed as an organization which aims to Polish and Brighten hidden Singing and Instrumental Music among budding artists.

Training: Singing , Dance and Instrumental Music.
We deal in Singing, Dance and Instrumental Music for all artists of any age and category.

The training is provided from the Foundation Level to the Advanced Levels.
Training Programs are designed to suit an individual’s interest and requirements like Indian Classical Vocal, Light Music Like : Bollywood ,Bhajans , Ghazals , Sufi etc as well as Western music.

Opportunities: To Reach out to the Whole world.
We provide a platform to budding Artists to perform on Stage during Concerts and by Organizing Music Shows.

Through Music Video Albums, Music Audio Recording, Music Channels, Web Series etc we promote music through the digital world.
Through “Woodnote Bhakti” we promote Bhajans etc and soon we plan to launch “Woodnote Kids” Channel to develop and promote.
Our Mumbai Branch Office provides assistance in accessibility of your Talent to the Bollywood Industry.

To summarize, Woodnote is a congregation of Highly Talented Musical Artists which has been created to provide Training as well as wide varieties of opportunities to UNVEIL MUSIC TALENT.


Rathore Gharana,Jaipur has a history of dedication towards music that spans more than 75 years and Three Generations.Rathore Gharana Jaipur, was chosen by eminent by highly acclaimed connoisseurs of Bollywood Music Industry as one of the Top Gharana of India to participate in “Waar Pariwar” TV Music program. Rathore Gharana reached the Top Position in this All India Music Challenge.

First Generation

Shri Hanuman Singh Ji Rathore
He was an excellent vocalist and specialized in Classical Singing. He was admired for his intense grip on Ragas and for his mellifluous voice all over India.
He travelled to perform at full length and breadth of the country and was admired not only in Rajasthan but also in the North Eastern Regions of India like Nagaland,Orissa and Mizoram.
He also used to sing Bhajans not only for Lord Ram, Lord Krishna but also for Jain Muni and other religions.
Besides being a singer , he was a brilliant Tabla Player, which added to his in depth knowledge of rhythm.
He devoted his life in imparting music training to the younger generation and students. While he worked as a Music Teacher at a school in Jaipur, he also nourished the society through his social work.
His wife Shrimati Shanti Devi,was an ardent singer of Rajasthani Folk Music. She was highly acclaimed for her excellent command on “Mand & Rajwadi Geet”.

Second Generation

Mr.Gopal Singh Rathore
He is a renowned Vocalist not only in Rajasthan but in the entire country. He is majorly known as the “Bhajan Samraat”of Rajasthan.
He is an approved artist of All India Radio,as a singer and composer. Participated in Popular TV Show “Waar Pariwar” as a musical family and reached its top position.
Along with singing he also plays“TABLA” brilliantly and has learned it from “Sir Hidayat Khan Sahab” .
His popular music forms are Bhajan, Ghazal, Mand,Semi Classical etc.

Third Generation

Dr.Pooja Rathore
A Vocalist par Excellence.
Partipated and Reached top Position in TV Music Show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”,“Vaar Pariwar” awarded as Voice of Rajasthan. Won accolades across India for her Singing performances in numerous TV Shows, Corporate Events, Zee Music, Colors TV Channel etc.
She has an intense voice quality with an excellent grip on her voice which enables her to sing wide variety of songs ranging from Classical Ragas , Bhajans , Ghazals as well as Popular Bollywood Songs.

Mahi Rathore

A Singer cum Musician cum Composer and a Jewel in Rathore Gharana who has been a top Finalist in the “VOICE OF INDIA”
Mahi Rathore is an established Singer in Mumbai and has performed with top musicians in Bollywood.
He is a Brilliant Guitarist and has performed in several Popular Music Videos.

He is a new Generation Music Composer with strong classical roots.
Music Videos launched by Mahi on You Tube and other channels are highly admired and popular.

Founder Message

Dr. Pooja Rathore
Founder, Woodnote Production,

I feel myself highly blessed and fortunate to have inherited Musical Talent from three Generations of Rathore Gharana of Jaipur Rajasthan.

Bountiful blessings of Goddess Maa Saraswati and Sai Baba bestowed a natural talent in my vocal chords. Since my early childhood my passion for singing and music was spotted by my parents and they did not leave any stone unturned in polishing it by imparting formal training and regular vocal Riyaaz.

I was so deeply involved in the field of singing and music that opting it as my field of regular studies and profession was a natural and obvious choice. It resulted in attaining Doctorate Degree in Music from Rajasthan University with flying colors.
My excellence and devotion in music showered immense fame to me as early as during my teenage years.

I won numerous national awards and rose to the top in several National Television Shows and Music Competitions like, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Waar Parivaar etc. I have also been awarded as Voice of Rajasthan.
I am regularly invited to perform for several national and international Events by various organizations across the world.
In short, Singing and Music “Fulfilled All My Dreams”.
It is now my turn to Give Back, to the Music World, by Fulfilling Dreams and Aspirations of other Music Lovers. So if you have passion and love for Singing and Music, with some fire in the belly to achieve your dreams, then come to us.
At Woodnote Production we provide a platform to turn your dreams into reality to attain name and fame.
Woodnote, provides intense and high quality training from the basic foundation level to the highest maestro level.
Through our high quality Singing and Music Training, Studio Recording, Video Shooting we provide an opportunity to UNVEIL New Musical Talents.
By organizing Music Concerts and Stage Shows and Events we encourage budding Singers and Musicians to exhibit their talent.
Through our Mumbai Branch Office a Bollywood Opportunity is also accessible for excellent Singers and Music maestros.
So let’s join hands and reach the pinnacle in the World of Music.

Our Mission

The sole mission of Woodnote Production is to fulfill dreams and aspirations of Music Lovers
irrespective of their age and background.
Music Lovers are not only given a platform to learn and to sharpen their Musical Prowess but also are given various platforms to showcase their talent.

The Musical Training imparted is extremely focused based on Individual talent and varies in various fields ranging from Classical, Light Music, Folk, Ghazals and Bhajans etc.
Woodnote Production also wishes to provide Training and Diploma Certificates of various levels to its students once they achieve the required expertise.

The Training covers various Vocal, Instrumental and Dance forms.                                                  Through Digital Audio and Video Recordings, we provide a vast range of Audience at the International level.

Our Musical shows give an opportunity for every Individual to transform from an Amateur and Hobby artist to a Professional Singer and Musician.
Through Woodnote Channel we promote various Artists and their videos on the Internet.
In nutshell, Woodnote Production is a platform for learning and to realize your dreams of name and fame as a Professional in the Musical World.

We have a strong network of Inter-related Producers, Directors, Music Directors, Musicians and Singers in the Bollywood Industry and thus a window is provided to highly talented and aspiring individuals to explore and access the Magical World of Hindi Film Industry.
In future, we plan to create a strong and large team of Musicians and Singers and intend to travel around the World by organizing Musical Shows.

Our Vision

A. Training:

  1.  To create a Music Training Academy of high Excellence.
  2. To impart high level Vocal and Instrumental Training to young kids.
  3. To Transform Hobby Artists to Professional Artists

B. Showcasing and Exposure:

  1. To Promote and showcase hidden talent of young generation.
  2. To Promote Hidden Talent through Internet and Digital World.

C. Organizing Musical Shows:

  1. Every year we plan to organize a Musical Show in Jaipur and subsequently plan to reach other cities.
  2. We provide opportunity to participate in Musical Shows and Events across India.
  3. We plan to create our own Musical Band with good quality Musicians and Singers.

D. To Undertake Audio and Video Recordings

  1. Through our own Studio, we intend to undertake High Quality Audio Recording to match International Standards.
  2. The Recording Studio will work Commercially to provide Opportunity to Singers to undertake high quality recordings.

E. To Explore Bollywood Possibilities

  1. Through our Mumbai branch and Musical Band in Mumbai, we plan to give exposure to all our Associates to explore possibilities in Bollywood Industry.